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URETEK uses the expansion properties of a mix of unique proprietary geopolymer resins to improve the bearing capacity of inadequate foundation strata. The geopolymer materials are strong, resilient, insoluble and highly resistant to chemical attack and long term degradation. URETEK Geopolymers have been classed as environmentally neutral.

Regarding Quality Assurance, URETEK resins have been developed and refined over 30 years, with properties confirmed by laboratory analysis. They have been well proven over time, in a multitude of field applications and varying environments where the behavior of the geopolymer resins does not change significantly, even when used in the presence of water.


URETEK offers foundation repair, structural support and subsidence remediation services.

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Unique and proven methods with minimum disruption and no excavation save time and money, taking the stress out of repairing subsiding structures.

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URETEK offers the geopolymer technology to solve subsidence problems with minimum disruption to normal life and business during remediation works.

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