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Treatment of Subsidence

Remediation Solutions and Technologies

The appropriate remediation method is chosen to suit the individual circumstance at the site. Often, the appropriate solution lies in the combination of different solutions & technologies. In almost all cases, URETEK Geopolymers offers the best solution with minimal disruption and no excavation needed. Work can be done in tight spaces and the light weight expanding geopolymer works in many soil conditions. The same can not be said about cement grouting which requires heavy machinery and messy installation, as do screwpillars, or underpinning, which requires the excavation of foundation soil.

Treating subsidence benefits:

  • Building or structure can be used for its intended purpose extending its useful life
  • Structural and user safety will be improved
  • Building structures, the roof, superstructure, doors and windows, work as intended
  • Value of the building is maintained, and possibly even increased
  • The earlier the remediation is done, the less damage will be caused by subsidence resulting in direct cost saving