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Uretek stabilises, raises and re-levels subsided and unstable road slabs and flexible road surfaces, quickly, economically and with minimal disruption.

Advantages of URETEK solutions

  • Major highway, bridge approach slabs, suburban streets and motorways are all corrected faster and more economically than by breaking up and replacing the slab.
  • The Uretek Slab Lifting process is quick to apply with no excavation.
  • Work is carried out one lane at a time and at night if required. Because of the speed of the process, Uretek can stablise roads between rush hours, allowing full use of the road at busiest periods.
  • Vehicles can drive over the corrected area immediately.
  • Flexible road surfaces are also readily stabilised with minimal disruption. Uretek’s Deep Injection process strengthens the sub-base and improves bearing capacity without any excavations or replacement of road materials. Flexible surfaces can be lifted back to level