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URETEK Vision and Values

Note by Otso Lahtinen, President URETEK Worldwide

UWW has gone through number of changes in last couple of years with new contracting units, new licensing markets and not forgetting products and people. This change will continue in order for us to realize our ambition as a business. To help with this change we have also clarified our brand strategy, our vision, our values and our mission. We have identified four key values which are pivotal in helping us reach our long terms goals.

Customer first

Prioritizing our customers is part of everything we do at URETEK Worldwide. We will seek to understand our customers’ needs and requirements and deliver solutions which will enable our customers to keep their world running, saving them time and money. Only by prioritizing our customers’ needs and requirements in all of our business dealings can we become a preferred solution provider and develop long term partnerships with our customers.


We will seek to go about our business in a highly professional manner giving us credibility and enables us to gain the trust of our customers and prospects. To maintain our professional approach we have best practice processes in place to ensure high quality delivery of our services and solutions for every customer and every project. We will seek to gain and maintain relevant industry acknowledged accreditations to ensure we are compliant with latest developments in our sector. 


We will dedicate our efforts to understanding our customers’ problems and finding non-disruptive ways to solve these problems. We will seek to develop and test new solutions through which we can demonstrate the tangible difference our solutions offer to our customers.  We want to offer our customers proven solutions which enable them to feel they are in control of the remediation process and outcome. Our dedication to continually improving our solutions will enable us to become preferred service providers for our customers.


We will actively seek out new opportunities to solve structural problems. This will enable us to continually strive to win repeat business and deepen our customer relationships. We will listen to our customers’ requirements and find appropriate solutions to meet their needs. We will seek to become first choice suppliers for our customers, and we can only do this by being able to offer solutions to suit every type of structural problem.