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URETEK technology has been successfully used in over 100,000 projects worldwide in a wide range of remediation works using the innovative geopolymer technology. Key market sectors include residential, commercial and public buildings, airport runways, industrial floor slabs, heritage buildings and major commuter roads, railways and other types of infrastructures.

We have successfully managed very complex projects with unique requirements, so if you cannot find a case study that fits your needs, please contact us and we will put you in touch with one of our experienced engineering managers.


URETEK solutions have been successfully used in a wide range of infrastructure foundation repair works around the world in rail, airport, road and port environments

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Industrial Buildings

Factory & warehouse floors, walls and machinery bases can be stabilized and re-levelled quickly, economically and with minimal disruption

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Commercial Buildings

URETEK stabilized and lifted factory flooring in a West Country industrial facility with racking up to 90ft high.

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Public Buildings

The URETEK processes are ideally suited to public buildings, as the speed with which they are applied and the lack of excavations means minimum disruption.

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Residential Homes

URETEK stabilizes and re-levels buildings quickly, economically, and with minimal disruption to occupants.

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Historic Structures

URETEK treated the ground underneath the War memorial in Abingdon quickly and cleanly, with no mess and no need to move the memorial.

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